The Holy Enigma 2.0

Here lies the Holy Enigma 2.0. The highly anticipated sequel to the original Holy Enigma that some of you may be unpleasantly familiar with. The original Enigma lies here if you have not yet experienced it. If you wish to undertake the new challenge we wish you luck:

The God’s horrifying presence still remains unexplained. They are trying to communicate with you. Each victory is guiding you one step forward towards understanding these terrifying beings and The Fracture. 

An Army of 6,666 demented cross-dimentional entities hunting mercilessly. They are searching ruthlessly for something or someone. That is clear. Why? We do not know. 

Supersymmetry was just a theory. That was what they said. After the incident the data was manipulated and nullified to the public. No one could know what they saw. He knew that each particle in our universe had a partner somewhere.. He just needed to see it himself. To confirm everything his Father had experienced. To see them.


To attempt The Holy Enigma 2.0 you must submit your answer to the provided form, along with your Discord Username and Solana wallet address. Each individual will be granted 3 attempts. The God’s will pity you if you are submitting ‘DEUS’ 10 minutes after the challenge is live. The first 10 people to successfully crack the Enigma will receive one of 10 unique Enigma 2.0 mystery NFT prizes. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Enigma 2.0 Submission Form