The Final Enigma

Almost 20 years of research couldn’t be for nothing. He knew it was possible – he had seen it. He taught his Son everything. Even named him after the man who discovered everything and hid it all. That particle wasn’t real – it just protected them from the truth. He couldn’t blame him. Nice touch with the ‘God Particle’ though, very cynical. His boy was 16 but there was no time to waste. There wasn’t enough time to start with. He had to learn fast. He had to finish his work. After the paralysis the communication became nearly impossible. But he was patient. He was the only one who believed him. Now here he stood, 34 years after his father’s ‘accident’. Both his whole life and all his father’s work had led to this moment.  

Their power existed due to obligate mutualism. Once the circuit was broken, the herd strength was disrupted. He knew it would drive them here. The Ethereal bond. A metaphysical connection between all 6,666 of them that dictated their existence. The Doctor had achieved what he thought he wanted but the consequences were unfathomable. A small fraction of their entity had fused to him during the experiment. A horrifying deformity was a negligible cost for the effects of the adoption.


To attempt The Final Enigma you must submit your answer to the provided form, along with your Discord Username and Solana wallet address. Each individual will be granted 3 attempts. The God’s will pity you if you are submitting ‘DEUS’ 10 minutes after the challenge is live. The first person to successfully crack the Final Enigma will receive one (1) unique Final Enigma mystery NFT prize. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

The Final Enigma Submission Form