The Holy Enigma

The Holy Enigma is both the Beginning and the End.

That day the Fracture started. It began on the border, somewhere underground where no screams could be heard. No one prepared themselves for what they would see that day. The blinding event eclipsed everything and everyone, shapes and white noise was the only thing palpable. The Gods had succeeded, the reckoning had begun.

Many surprises lay ahead for those of you that have decided to undertake The Holy Enigma. An unthinkable prize awaits you if you manage to crack the code. The first fifty people to achieve mastery of the code will become “The Chosen Ones”. 

Many will try, but few will reach the promised land. The Gods have ruled that each participant shall have only 3 attempts to submit the correct answer, we suggest that you use them wisely.

The prize for those who successfully complete the puzzle will be 1 of 50 unique Enigma Gods NFTs. The Gods have decreed the requirement that all answers must consist of a singular or group of words, and that attempts are to be submitted directly to a Gods team member via Discord. It is your decision whether you work as a team. We advise that you keep your friends close, it may make you stronger but can you trust those who propose to be your allies?

Good luck.